Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wanna Sponsor Me?

My name's Sofia, I'm 22 and I'm Portuguese.

I decided to have this blog because I've seen this kind of petitions for less important or relevant desires, and as far as I know some of them worked. So, nothing to loose, right?

I'm currently in the last year of a college degree in Advertising and Marketing but I always had a thing for the arts. And finally, this last year I started to think of what I really wanted to do cause I felt trully unhappy about my current degree.
I ended up setting my heart on Interior Design, something that has been with me since always but that I never took that seriously.

There's no course in this area in Portugal and that's why I looked abroad. Between London, New York and Milan I've choosen Milan. But after much investigation I found Florence a better place to live and learn (and cheaper btw).

The course I want to attend is in the Florence Institute of Design International or Florence Design Academy. There are 3 years of course but we can have a 1 year intensive one and that's the one I hope to attend in the fall of 2010. I wish I could do the 3 years, but to start one year would be already an awsome opportunity.

The cost of one year course in both schools is €6900 (9000$USD). With the renting costs, food and stuff (flights home included) I would need about €25000 (32500$USD) wich is :O

Asking for a loan is an option but as you should know the taxes are really hight and this would be an extremely difficult financial matter for my family to handle.

Please, if you have more than you need and don't mind giving money to someone you don't know, but who will use the financial help wisely and for a good cause you can contact me or send the money to my banc account on my "Sofia's information" on the right.

I'll be truly thankfull to anyone who contributes or gives me information about contacts, scholarships or student contests. Maybe one day I could remodel your house for free:P

And visit my real blog if you Want in Sofia's Interiors
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